So much more than a monthly subscription...

It's A Privilege.

The 80 Proof Club is our official monthly subscription service. Join now to enjoy exclusive access to ALL recipes of our signature swizzle, made with premium 80 Proof and 151 Proof rums!

We will never offer all 40 flavors for regular purchase, as it's simply not realistic to have so many options available regularly. However, with this exclusive subscription service, you will receive two randomly selected flavors EVERY month, from the 30+ flavors in our Cocktail Vault! Members also enjoy special discounts and early access to our monthly restocks, so they never have to deal with the panic of items selling out too fast ever again.

Registration is now open!

They only appear but once a year...

The Cocktail Vault

The limited edition flavors in our Cocktail Vault are as follows:

- Apricot Colada - Cran-Apple - Round ‘D’ World

- Lemonade - Peach - Watermelon

- Cherry Limeade - Red Berries & Mandarin

- Strawberry Banana - Apple Coconut

- Pineapple Sherbet - Blackcurrant - Piña Colada

- Peach Raspberry - Strawberry Mango

- Dragonberry Guava - Green Apple

- Pear Coconut - Pineapple Mango

- Blackberry Lemonade - Cran-Raspberry Pear

- Pineapple Lime - Mango Melon

- Peach Grapefruit - Strawberry Watermelon

- Apple Mango - Banana - 80 Proof Punch

- Açaí Mandarin